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Dynamically push magazines to your app and create archive of old editions

Archive all past and current editions of your publications in a single app-based digital library optimized for both iPad and iPhone devices. Readers can download any edition to their mobile device for offline reading. New editions are automatically added to the app as they are published.


Add hyperlinks on any product picture, text or advert

Using your Magazine Control Panel account you can easily create, update and delete hyperlinks on any text, image or advert in your digital edition. For example, you can link each product image in your digital catalog. Readers can easily click on product and load product page with integrated web browser.

Add video, audio or flickr image gallery on any page or advert

Embed custom videos within any area of your publication for advertising support or to further enhance content. The Ziniy app supports embedded YouTube allowing you to drive viral traffic or native videos hosted on the Stallion server.


Sell editions on iTunes with your own iTunes account

Want to sell editions on Apple iTunes? You don't need to hire expensive iPhone developers to build ecommerce app for your publications. With our app you can sell editions in your own iTunes account and earn 100% of revenue.

Support landscape (2-pages) & portrait (single page) orientations

Rotate the device to read publications in portrait mode (single pages) and landscape mode (facing pages) and easily navigate by swiping left or right. Double tap to zoom in or out on key content while maintaining sharp pixel fonts and image quality.


Crystal clear replica magazine app for retina display

Our page rendering engine supports retina display and render pixel sharp images and text even when page is zoomed in.

Pinch or double tap to zoom pages

When viewing your editions on mobile app, your readers can easily zoom in or zoom out pages by double tapping anywhere on page or pinch-in and pinch-out to zoom any section of your publication.


Swipe left or right to scroll pages

When viewing your editions on mobile app, your readers can easily scroll pages by swiping in left or right direction.

Clip & Share Content via email or Social Networks like facebook, twitter, pinterest

With unique Clip & Share feature readers can easily share any content (text or images) with friends or colleagues on major social networking sites or by email to give your brand, product or content fast and wide spread exposure.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Email Friend

Create your social hub on app home screen

Our app an optional built-in social hub feature to create unique landing page for your app. You can add social network links on this view like facebook, pinterest or add web links from your website as large and small buttons. You can also add a video on home screen.

Table of Contents Navigation

Every edition available in your app features an easy-to-navigate table of contents allowing readers to jump to any section of your publication with a single tap.


Keyword search

Readers can search within your publications by the keyword search feature to quickly and accurately find content of interest.

Page Thumbnails

By tapping on any page, a page thumbnail scroll bar appears enabling users to view where they are within your publications and quickly scan or jump to any section visually.


Navigation help

Anyone can begin using your app with no learning curve, however a visual navigation help page is always available to ensure your readers can easily navigate your publications.

Integrated subscribers management module

Password protect your digital editions for your subscribers. You can easily create subscribers in your Magazine Control Panel account or integrate subscribers database from your website.


Push Notifications with Urban Airship's rich push notifications support

App supports text-based push notification (included free) or you can sign up with urban airship for advanced rich push notifications.

Integrated Web Browsing experience within app

Each hyperlink inside your edition will open in built-in web browser. With built-in web browser, your readers will enjoy in-app web browsing experience and they can return to publication by simple tapping on back button.


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