The Crowell Homestead


by The Crowell Homestead

The Crowell Homestead is the story of Captain Crowell and includes other prominent residents and ship masters of “Sea Captains Row”…the Historic Gateway to the Harbor, to the Sea, to the Indigenous, to those pioneers of Patriotic Liberty, of Faith and Freedom of Choice . In 2016 Sea Captains Row was listed as one of 7 of the Most Endangered historic resources in Mass. Located at 35 Pleasant Street in Hyannis, it is literally is one of the last houses left that helps tell a great American story. The various Captains that lived on this street, interacted with historic events such as; The Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, and The Spanish American War. Cape Cod in the 1800's had close to 700 different sea captains that traveled the world.

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